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World Bank forecasts 10% GDP slump for Lithuania in 2009

As the BNS informs the World Bank forecasts that Lithuania’s GDP will contract by 10 % this year.

In a report published on June 22, the World Bank warned that the Baltic countries would face the sharpest recession in Central and Eastern Europe. Latvia’s GDP is expected to slump by 13 % in 2009.

Despite relatively strong fundamentals, Poland is feeling the pinch of the crisis as well: its GDP this year is expected to grow by a mere 0.5 %.

Central and Eastern Europe’s GDP is expected to decline by 1.6 % this year and remain flat next year.

Nine countries reached agreements with the International Monetary Fund on 55.8 billion US dollars worth of loans from September 2008 to May 2009. Six of them have received aid through the World Bank, the European Commission and several other institutions.


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Oslo mayor brings husband to Vilnius in protest of gay situation

As the Lietuvos Rytas writes the Oslo Mayor Erling Lae brought his spouse Jens T. Olsen to an international mayoral forum in Vilnius during the weekend due to what he said was a complex gay situation in Lithuania BNS informed.

Lae said he had consciously decided to fly to Vilnius with his male partner, the daily newspaper Lietuvos Zinios reported.

The Norwegian capital’s mayor said that he wanted to stress he was married to a man.

In Lae’s words, the situation of Lithuania’s gay community somewhat improved after Vilius Navickas was elected as Vilnius mayor. His predecessor Juozas Imbrasas (has been elected to the European Parliament) was notorious for his conflicts with an organization of homosexuals. Last August, he refused the European Union’s truck “For Diversity, Against Discrimination” entry into Lithuania for the second consecutive year and said that a gay parade in the Lithuanian capital was out of the question.

The Oslo mayor was also critical of Navickas’ recent statement that he would allow a gay parade on the industrial Savanoriu Avenue, however, would not tolerate their demonstration in the city canter writes BNS.

Lae described the gay situation in Lithuania as worse than in other two Baltic states, accusing Vilnius of resisting the EU counter-discrimination directive.

The head of the Vilnius municipality’s Foreign Affairs Division, Zilvinas Abaravicius, said that guests had been invited to attend at the international mayoral forum with their spouses.

“Lae’s arrival with his spouse is not a problem at all. Vilnius is an open and tolerant city,” he said.

“A person is entitled to stating his attitude. It is a personal affair, and I do not intend to criticize it,” the Vilnius mayor said in comment of the critical statements by his Oslo counterpart on the situation of Lithuania’s gay community.

Navickas said that homosexual matters were not discussed during the meeting with the mayor of the Norwegian capital.

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Another 5,700 people join Lithuania’s jobless ranks in a week, Lithuanian unemployed ‘discover’ Scandinavia

As Lithuania’s Labour Exchange said on 22 June another 5,700 people were registered as unemployed in Lithuania last week, down 24% from 7,500 people registered a week earlier

The total number of people with the status of unemployed persons reached 196,400 as of 19 June (up from 194,900 a week earlier), which accounted for 9.2% of the working age population, as calculated by BNS.

As the BNS informs some 1,163 job vacancies were registered in 12-19 June down 19 % from 1,440 vacancies a week earlier. Some 2,600 persons got employed, down 19% from 3,200 the previous week.

There were around 1,300 vacancies in the Labour Exchange database on 19 June.

This morning Lithuania’s Public Radio announced that Lithuanians remains the immigration champions per capita in the EU.  However, destinations for new immigrants are changing.  According to this information Lithuanians starting to discover the neighbouring Scandinavian countries when looking for employment.

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