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Nordic, Baltic PMs agree EP election results boost chances of extending Barroso’s EC presidency

Is the BNS informs on 18 June the Nordic and Baltic prime ministers agreed in Brussels that the victory of centre-right parties in the recent elections to the European Parliament (EP) boost the chances of a second tenure for European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

“In these obscure times, at least something should be clear. Europe needs strong mustering leadership. Jose Manuel Barroso is perfectly suitable for the position,” Lithuania’s government cited Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius as saying.

Earlier on 18 June, Kubilius met with his Nordic and Baltic counterparts to discuss the stances taken by the countries before the start of the European Council. Heads of Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian governments attended the meeting.

The prime ministers shared their evaluations of the economic situation in their countries and the region, as well as plans of overcoming the downturn, discussed the election of EC’s new president and enforcement of the Lisbon Treaty.

Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis presented the steps of his government to reduce the budget deficit.

According to the press release, the Nordic and Baltic prime ministers expressed support to Latvia’s difficult but necessary steps and agreed that the frequent proposals to devalue national currencies would not solve the problems but, instead, create new ones.

Source BNS


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Barroso agrees on the Grybauskaite’s replacement in the European Commission

As the BNS writes the Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius said European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso agrees to Lithuania’s proposal to appoint its Finance Minister Algirdas Semeta as Commissioner responsible for financial programming and budget.

“To be honest, I didn’t take part in the conversation; the two of them conversed alone. Today I exchanged a few words with Barroso, who said the candidate is suitable and all official procedures will kick off shortly” Kubilius in the late hours of Friday told members of the press after meeting with European Union (EU) leaders in Brussels.

The current EC term will be up in October, with its President Barroso aiming for a second five-year term, with backing of EU leaders.

“I am sure that will be of considerable benefit to the whole European Union and our region in particular. The commission will have a man coming straight from the hardest font line, Kubilius said in Brussels on 18 June.

“Semeta is perfectly aware of all the problems we and many other states are having. His experience and skills should prove useful in the new post as well,” he said to the BNS.

The prime minister expects that Semeta will stay in Brussels for the next five years after the term of the incumbent European Commission ends in November.

“Our region’s problems will definitely not be over by the start of the New Year. I think that Semeta should stay in the EC and be given a portfolio related to finances in one or another way,” he said.

Asked by Lietuvos Rytas if he was not afraid of taking up the post in Brussels in which Grybauskaite had shone so brightly, Semeta said, “I am used to working anywhere where there is work to be done. After that work we have done in Lithuania in the past half-year, I am no longer afraid of anything.”

Asked by Lietuvos Rytas if he was not afraid of taking up the post in Brussels in which Grybauskaite had shone so brightly, Semeta said, “I am used to working anywhere where there is work to be done. After that work we have done in Lithuania in the past half-year, I am no longer afraid of anything.”

It needs to be reminded that this is the second time as the Finance Minister of Lithuania for Semeta.  He was running Lithuania’s finance from 1997 to 1999.  Especially in 1999 Lithuania was experiencing the worst effects of the Russian financial meltdown of 1998.

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Online museum to guide visitors through Communist regime crimes

An online Global Museum on Communism is being launched on Tuesday in view of shedding a light on the history of the Soviet regime and the inherent crimes against humanity, and commemorating victims of the regime writes BNS.

The Lithuanian government was among donors that contributed to the project in question, earmarking 15,000 litas (EUR 4,300). The website launch will be webcast on Tuesday evening from the US capital Washington.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Vygaudas Usackas says that such projects help the humanity retain the historic memory, loss of which makes “reconciliation impossible.”

“We cannot forget the crimes against the humanity committed by the two largest totalitarian regimes of the 20th century – Fascism and Stalinism. Symbolically, the project is being launched this year, which does not only mark 20 years since the fall of the Berlin wall but also 70 years since the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact,” Usackas told BNS on Tuesday in comment of the project.

Victims of the Communist regime and their families will be invited to register in the website and share their experience. The museum will also feature papers by historians, also film recordings from key historic events.

The project was initiated by a Washington-based Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, established in December of 1993 by the US Congress in view of immortalizing the memory of those fallen victim to communism and those who fought to resist it.

Project donors include governments of other Eastern European states as well as private foundations and individual contributors.

The Lithuanian government previously allocated funds to the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation back in 2007 for an underway memorial in Washington erected to pay homage to victims of the regime.

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