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Conflict in Caucasus, the Olympics, strange coincidences and August in the modern Russian history

It appears that a new war in Caucasus began.  The news is still coming in as I write.  However, there are very peculiar coincidences.  Quite a lot of major catastrophes, around Russia started during the major events in the world.

Well, lets start from 1956, the Red Army crushes the Hungarian revolution only few days apart from the Sues Crises.  The same army invades Afghanistan in 1979 during festivity time in the West, on Christmas.

In January of 1991 the Soviet troops attempting to crash the Lithuanian surge for independence almost simultaneously with the Operation Desert Storm in the Gulf.  Here we go again, the Russian controlled South Ossetia is participating in the War with Georgia on the day of the Opening of the Beijing Olympics.

Is it coincidence?  All of those conflicts have very peculiar coincidence, in all of those events Russia took part in one or another form.

One more coincidence, many events, which shock the modern Russia took in August.  1991, August 19, the Putsch in Moscow, and the collapse of the USSR, 1998 the Russian financial crises begun, August 7 1999 the short war in Russian Caucasus, August 12, 2000 the sub Kursk-141 dramatically sinks.

Then August 24 2004 two airliners in Russia, carrying a total of 89 passengers, and just in few days later the Beslan strategy.  Then the death of the writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn just few days ago.  Is this the last disastrous event in Russia this August?  It looks that not…

The Russian TV channel ‘Russia Today’ starting its news bulletins with THE WAR, showing documentaries on horrible Georgians and a villain Saakashvilli as those documentaries were prepared some time in advance. Medvedev just declared: Russia will not tolerate deaths of its compatriots. Just now (1415 LT time) the same TV channel just announce that the Russian troops have been seen in South Ossetia… Is this also a coincidence?

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