Lithuanian border guards retain two Russian nationalist activists for illegal border crossing

January 7, 2008 at 8:51 pm 2 comments

K. Goloskokov and A. Dugin from NashiOnce Lithuania joined the Schengen are in 21 December of 2007 there were some concerns that the newly backed border will become a cross point for illegal immigrants from the Asian countries.  However, the first high profile illegal intruders appeared to be the political extremists from Russia.

As the Lietuvos Zinios daliy reported the Lithuanian border guards detained two activists of the Russian nationalist movement Nashi, for illegal crossing of the border. Last week the Lithuanian border guards, detained two Russian nationalist movement Nashi commissars Konstantin Goloskokov, and Anton Dugin after illegally crossing the border at the district of southern Lithuanian town of Varėna.  Following arrival to Belarus, the men attempted to enter Lithuania, with plans to get to Estonia. Their on-foot crusade to cross the border started on the evening of December 31. They crossed the country’s border at Varėna district, in the territory of Aleksandras Barauskas’ pike.

As the Lietuvos Zinios reported at about 1800, border patrol officers noticed the foot tracks of two people coming from the direction of Belarus and heading in the way of Kalviu village located in Lithuania. After having followed the footsteps for about 1 kilometre from the state border, the officers caught up to and detained the violators.  The intruders were initially detained for 2 days, after which, Varėna City Court allowed arresting the two men for the duration of two months.

The violators face a monetary fine, arrest or imprisonment for up to two years for illegal crossing of the border. Goloskokov and his comrade were on their way to Estonian capital Tallinn, where they were to participate in a ceremony at the so-called bronze soldier monument.  Since the Estonian government has rejected the visa applications of the “commissars” they decided to use all spoils of the Schengen agreement and once crossing the Lithuanian border to reach Tallinn undetected since all border checking between the three Baltic States don’t exist.

Well, they were unlucky same as the other registered 484 violations of the state border last year.  The amount of intruders deceased by 23 % since 2006 according to the State Border Guard press release.  As the press release states 623 attempts to illegally cross the Lithuanian border were recorded in 2006 and 805 in 2005. The statistics indicate that the efforts to enhance the border guard infrastructure by efficient instalment of various control instruments and modern security technologies has led to decrease in illegal border crossings for the third consecutive year.

Hence, it appears that the Eastern part of the Schengen are is in a good hands.  However, now we will have to wait for the official and unofficial Russian reaction, where the Lithuanian Border Guards will be portrayed as Nazi villains, who detained our heroes who made a sacrifice and instead of celebrating the New Years celebration they chosen to walk to Tallinn from Varėna!  The two commissars could well become the New Presidential campaign icons, since the Lithuanian media has warned that the Kremlin is ‘backing’ something for Lithuania.  


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  • 1. mmm  |  January 8, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    Many people’s fears about Schengen isn’t necessarily from the “porous” eastern border necessarily. For Estonia, one of the biggest concerns is similar to this case — Nashi activists getting into the Schengen zone. There has been enough documented cases of “old” Schengen members routinely selling visas to Russians and others in less-watched consulates, and there is a backdoor for these provocateurs to get to Tallinn — via Paris or Rome. This is what’s really scary about Schengen.

  • 2. Ruslanas Iržikevičius  |  January 8, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    I agree with you. Lets hope that the other Schengen countries will be more careful in looking out for the non-gratta citizens. From what I understand more Nashi activists were stopped on the Finish Russian border recently.

    Best regards,


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