Russians preparing a provocation against Lithuania

January 2, 2008 at 9:14 pm 1 comment

Russian Foreign MinistryAs the BNS reported discussions of what type of provocation to organize against Lithuania, which supposedly has become the headquarters of “anti-Russian extremism”, taking place in the highest-ranking levels in Russia, Lithuanian daily Kauno Diena says.

Two weeks ago, Baltic special services with Lithuania among them, received unprecedented acknowledgement and compliments from the Kremlin.

“In 2007 secret services of foreign countries, especially those of the Baltic States, have become more active”, Director of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) Nikolai Patrushev said in a meeting with journalists. The security official insinuated the presence of Lithuanian among other intelligence in Russia.

The daily’s sources in Russia note that the idea of Lithuania becoming one of the main opponents in the intelligencer battles is becoming more prevalent in FSB headquarters in Kremlin.

“Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the secret services have it that Vilnius is becoming the “outpost nr. 2 of anti-Russian extremism” after London”, one high ranking Kremlin official told the daily.

Kauno Diena says Russia is certain that Lithuania’s authorities and secret services are encouraging the activity of anti-Russian groups and actively collaborates with the secret services of the US and Great Britain.

Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also receiving signals that the Kremlin’s outlook on Vilnius has plummeted to a high extent.

Foreign Minister Petras Vaitiekunas has often insinuated this fact. According to Kauno Diena, some of his statements could be perceived as public letters to Russia written in order to diffuse the hostile attitude of some of Kremlin’s officials.

Kauno Diena has it that information in Russia’s press about a potential entrenchment attempt against Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is also a source of anxiety. Analytics are certain that these are games of the Russian secret services and this scandalous information has come under the veil of the report of US strategic investigations.

The daily predicts that Lithuania might be entangled in these inner battles as well.

According to Kauno Diena, a few sources note that the FSB is especially active in dissemination of talks about the murder attempt. Secret documents of the Russian secret services mention that such an attack could be launched by Chechnyan rebels and financed by Boris Berezovsky who is currently in hiding in London. The daily says that the officials that have seen these documents remind that the FSB and other organizations in charge of security are currently active in trying to induce that Lithuania has become the headquarters of Chechnyan rebels.

“They are convinced in Moscow that Lithuania is the largest and one of the most active Diasporas of the Chechnyans. The secret services are emphasizing in their reports that Lithuanian authorities do not interfere with the activity of “extremist groups” and arrive at a conclusion that it is in fact the opposite case scenario – such activity is promoted. More over, the reports in question state the groups of “Chechnyan extremists” are actively collaborating with Lithuania’s secret services”, the daily cites unnamed “well-informed individuals”.

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Services (SVR) bestows specific attention upon the fact that the family of the deceased first President of Chechnya Dzohar Dudajev found refuge in Lithuania. In the opinion of SVR, Dudajev’s sons could at the very least consolidate the emergence of Chechnyan resistance.

Moscow also suspects that Boris Berezovsky has also become more active in Lithuania. A film was recently shown in the country about Alexander Litvinenko, friend of the oligarch. Its director Andrej Nekrasov presented the film endorsed by Berezovsky.

Regardless of whether an attempt against Putin will take place or will be enacted and “disclosed”, the FSB has enough information to find a “Lithuanian footprint”. An informational attack of a high extent would be in forecast for Vilnius, followed by certain political actions of Moscow, Kauno diena says.

The paper’s sources say that Russia’s secret agencies are also actively pursuing discrediting information about the EP member Vytautas Landsbergis, who still holds a considerably powerful position in Lithuania. They are seeking to connect the politician, who is regarded as a personal enemy of the FSB, with the controversially acclaimed Italian Mario Scaramella who is mentioned in Litvinenko’s case. It is affirmed that Scaramella supposedly sought contact with the EP member through people in the latter’s closest surroundings. Therefore, should the Russian secret services together with the General Prosecution Services turn Scaramella into the “hero of the anti-Russian intelligence scandal”, the standing of Landsbergis could also suffer in the eyes of the West, Kauno Diena says.


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