A Lithuanian politician’s blog in English

December 28, 2007 at 7:26 pm 3 comments

A. Zuokas BlogOne of the most PR conscious Lithuanian politicians, Ex-Vilnius Mayor Artūras Zuokas just started his blog in English.  It is only a beginning, however, the politician promised to post at least once a week.

I have no affiliations to the Liberal Centrist party which Mr Zuokas is heading. Nevertheless, it is the first Lithuanian politician who is writing his blog in English.  To some extent I admire this self-made person.  Never the less, there are some controversies which are dragging behind Mr Zuokas which turns him into being ‘just another Lithuanian politician’.  Still, if you not convicted, you are not guilty, this is how it is suppose to be in a democratic state, and this is how it is in Lithuania.

However, this is an extraordinary person, hence I recommend to for those who are interested in the Baltic Politics to have a look at the Artūras Zuokas’ blog from time to time.  I would like to believe that more Lithuanian politicians and commentators would follow the trend and will start writing they blogs in English also.  When they will do, I will certainly inform you.  We, Lithuanians, are rather slow to start but once we started then…  


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