Lithuanians – Catholics who don’t trust Islam

December 13, 2007 at 4:20 pm 1 comment

ReligionsThe opinion poll which was conducted on November 8-17 reveled that majority of the Lithuania’s inhabitants belong to the Catholic Church, only third of them attending Church once a month and are suspicious of the other religions, especially of Islam.

As the BNS reported an opinion poll confirmed that most Lithuanian inhabitants are confessed Catholics and are suspiciously predisposed with regards to movements that are not considered religions of the world.

Results of a poll show that 78.8 percent of the respondents consider themselves faithful to a religion, another 16.4 percent don’t confess to any faith, and 1 percent claim to be atheist.

Among the respondents, 80.2 percent confessed Catholicism, however, only a third – 34 percent – go to church at least once a month.  Catholicism is also the most positively viewed religion, with 75 percent of the respondents valuing it positively, however, with regards to traditional religions, people see Islam in the most negative light, with 34.2 percent of the respondents expressing their views accordingly.  A total of 58.2 percent of the respondents claim that in their opinion, there is a lack of information on religious movements in Lithuania.

The poll shows that Lithuanians are most familiar with the Jehovah Witnesses and Tikejimo Zodis or Word of Faith followers with 52.9 and 51.8 of the polled being familiar with each, accordingly; one in three of the respondents were familiar with Baptists and the Krishna followers’ organizations. 59 % of the respondents said that the activity of religious movements should be strictly observed as it can be detrimental to society – activity of the movements receiving considerable complaints should be put to a halt and only the activities of traditional religious communities should be allowed.

The worst predisposition was expressed with regards to religious movements that are most spread in Lithuania – 37.6 % of the respondents negatively views the Jehovah Witnesses; 32.4 % feel the same way about Tikejimo Zodis religious movement. A tendency became evident, that respondents familiar with these movements tended to be more negatively predisposed to them.

A total of 61.2 % of the respondents said that they have been approached by, offered information, invited to a meeting among other proposals by the Jehovah Witnesses; 21.9 % by Tikejimo Zodis; 16.3 % by the Krishna Conscience Organization. A total of 56.4 % of the polled claimed to not having been in contact with the new religious movements over this time period.Among the respondents, 78 % said that they don’t participate and haven’t participated in any activities of religious movements or groups in the past; 69.6 percent said they wouldn’t consent to their child or grandchild participating in the activities of any religious movement.  Should a family have problems due to a child’s or a grandchild’s participation in activity of religious movements, 15.2 % said they would turn to psychotherapists; 12.6 % would turn to lawyers; 8.2 to the church and 42 % said they wouldn’t know whom to address with this issue.  


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