The Polish President expressed his ‘regrets’ for the Electricity Bridge, and Adamkus is on his way to Sweden

November 12, 2007 at 4:40 pm Leave a comment

BaltoscandiaThe Polish President Lech Kaczynski expresses his regrets regarding still unsigned agreement between Poland and Lithuania with regards to the electricity bridge, and promises proceedings to take place “in the short run“.  I would like to add no comment to that, because the Polish president is using his own time measurements, which are only known to him.

However the newly appointed Prime Minister to Poland Donald Tusk has decency to say that no specific dates for signing are clear.  As the BNS reported after meeting with Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus in Warsaw on 11/11/07, Tusk reported to the press that the governments of both countries are trying to get the agreement on construction of the electricity bridge to Poland signed as soon as possible, however added that some issues still needed clarification, as this was a large project and required time and patience.

Tusk has said, that Adamkus “inherently optimistic as he is, mentioned that it would be great to start Christmas in a good mood”. Lithuanian president’s innuendo regarding the necessity to sign the establishment of the enterprise for construction of the electricity bridge was endorsed by the new Polish prime minister this year. “I would also like for the holidays to be followed by a good mood” Donald Tusk has said, however didn’t go on to name any specific dates when the agreement could be signed.

Simultaneously, Kaczynski kept repeating his promise of signing the agreement ASAP in a common briefing with Adamkus. “I feel sorry that the agreement has not yet been signed, but I am confident that it will be signed in the short run” Kaczynski has said.

Poland ‘s leader assured that he will do everything in his power to ensure the successful completion of negotiations over the electricity bridge. Kaczynski also noted having repeatedly spoken of this issue with members of the government-to-be, who are to be responsible for these energetic projects.

On the other hand the President Valdas Adamkus noted that agreement regarding construction of the electricity bridge is important not only to Lithuania, but Poland as well. “I can say with great pleasure that the position has not changed – Poland accepts this project as one of their underlying priorities and raises no doubts against implementation of this agreement this year” Adamkus reported to the press after the meeting in Warsaw on Sunday. However, it appears that the agreement is not that important to Poland for a time being, and it would not be surprising that the Poles are looking for a excite strategy from the both projects all together.

At the meantime the Lithuanians are searching for alternatives to Poland.  The President of Lithuanian is paying a working visit to Sweden tomorrow.  The Lithuanian Foreign Policy strategist seemed to discover that Sweden could to be ‘another’ possible route for Lithuania to the West.  Well, a decade too late but better later than nether.  It only remains to be seen if Sweden would like to become this ‘alternative’.


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