British opposition leader’s joke about “Lithuanian lesbians” causes indignation

October 29, 2007 at 1:13 pm Leave a comment

David CameronAs the Lithuanian press reported today a joke made by David Cameron, the leader of Britain’s Conservative Party, about “one-legged Lithuanian lesbian” offended Lithuanians and left his company dumbfounded.

The BNS reported that a metaphor that seemed strange even to the British was employed by the British politician in order to express his ironic viewpoint.

According to the sources of newspaper The Mail on Sunday, Cameron, when conversing with the representatives of the British Art Council, ironically commented: “I hope you won’t be giving grants to too many one-legged Lithuanian lesbians”.

His comment was probably meant to express disapproval with regards to projects of questionable artistic value.

However, it remains unclear as to why the politician chose the “one-legged Lithuanian lesbian” image to describe such projects. Labour, were quick to attack D. Cameron by stating that the comment was insensitive and tactless.

The conservative seemingly understood that he might have offended lesbians, and, possibly without the intention of doing so, offended Lithuanians another time.“I was speaking not of the one-legged Lithuanian lesbians, but of the one-legged Lithuanian dance troupes,” explained Cameron.

Representatives of the Conservatives added that the party leader’s statement was in fact meant to say that the Arts Council had given the chance to mock them for strange financing decisions made in the past.It is a rather interesting compartment, especially in a such PC country as Britain.  In one phrase the opposition leader managed to upset to minorities in Britain, and all Lithuania.  At least the politian knows that the Lithuanians are phantastic dancers!


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