Lithuanians perceive themselves as a part of the West

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North WestThe Civil Society Institute presented a pool conducted by the market research centre Vilmorus.  The opinion all was done in October 2006.  The Institute has presented a study ‘Lithuania between East and West’.

According to the survey the majority of the Lithuanian consider themselves pro-western, however, quite a few do not have a clear opinion as to what political regime they prefer.

The respondents prefer the western European and US political regimes most — they have the favour of more than 60 percent of the people polled. Lithuania’s political regime was approved by some 25% of the respondents, 30% were negative about it.

On the other hand 10% acclaimed the political regime in Russia, 50% gave a negative estimate to it, the Belarusian political regime was seen as a positive thing by 10% percent and as a negative thing — by 60% of the people polled, while 23% gave a positive estimate and 40% — a negative one when asked for an opinion about the political regime of the former Soviet Union.

The people polled believe the countries that are most friendly to Lithuania are Latvia (61% of the respondents), Poland (53%) and Estonia (45 %t), and the countries that are least friendly are Russia (62%) and Belarus (50%).

As the BNS reported, the opinions of the country’s residents of different nationalities differs — the Russians and the Poles in Lithuania tend to favour Russia and Belarus more than Lithuanians do. 40 % Russians in Lithuania believe their ethnic motherland is hostile towards Lithuania, 38% believe so about Belarus. Among the Polish residents of Lithuania, the opinions are quite similar — 39% and 37%, respectively.

People with above-average income who do not feel any nostalgia towards Russia have even less love lost for Russia and Belarus.

According to the survey If it become public that some Lithuanian political power or figure is supported by representatives of US capital, this news would be seen as a positive thing by 40% and as a negative one — by 24% of the people polled. On the other hand if a Russian capital was used by a political party, 20% of the respondents would favour and 45% would oppose that, this figure standing at 38% and 25% for Polish capital, 46% and 17% for western European and 16% and 48% for Belarusian capital, respectively.


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