The Arctic mission is Putin’s revenge on the USA for Alaska

August 7, 2007 at 1:39 pm 1 comment

arcticA Lithuanian business daily Verslon Zinios published an interesting editorial on Russia‘s claim of Arctic.  Few passages from the editorial.

First of all the mini subs which planted the flag on the Arctic Sea bed  of the Ocean are called Mir-1 and Mir-2.  The daily notices that the Mir station was orbiting the Earth from 1986 until 2001.  It is also symbolic that the last Soviet citizen Cosmonaut Mr Krikaliov also flew in Mir station.  It happened that he took off still in the Soviet Union and landed already few months since the Soviet Union was a history.

The daily notices that the stories about claims of a territory in the Moon and in the Mars could be read in the ‘Various news’ sections but the Titanium flag on the Sea bed is a fact of life and this issue will be seriously discussed at the UN sessions and in the capitals of the world.  Once again, Russian has taken an initiative and is winning the PR war.

The editorial states that it looks as if the citizens of planet will not find a substituted to oil and gas in the nearest future not only Europe will be more dependent from the Russian energy resources, but the USA will follow the Europe’s fate.  That would be Putin’s sweet revenge on the USA for ‘buying off Alaska from Russia’.

It could only be added that the battle for Arctic only just begun.  Sine this is a battle for the energy recourses it could get very hot in the coldest Earth’s continent.  The Kremlin strategists should hope for a war in the Middle East, the European Union’s short sightness on the energy unity, and the acceleration of the Global worming.  The future is bright, the future is Arctic! 

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  • […] August 10, 2007 The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet states that the Russian state media used photos form film “Titanic” claiming they showed the bottom of the seabed under the arctic ice.  What next will follow, the story of the Moon landing that the Americans never went there?  It seems that only the international expedition could examine the seabed and check with the Russian flag is there. […]


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