Chirac in Kaliningrad and Gyurcsany in Mordovia

July 19, 2007 at 9:56 pm Leave a comment

Girl in a national dress

The Estonian President was snubbed from a festival of Finno-Ugric culture that is taking place in the Russian republic of Mordova on July 19.  On the other hand the Finnish and the Hungarian counterparts were invited. 

This reminds the Kaliningrad anniversary celebration the last summer.  The German and the French presidents were invited to celebrate; the Lithuanian president was not invited also.   The policy divide and rule is in making. Still the Kaliningrad little summit would be remembered for Chirac’s remarks on the quality of the Finnish cuisine.  It is open secret that France paid a dear price for it’s charming French president’s ability to be have a express his opinions, in many occasions very insulting.  Paris lost the bid for 2012 Summer Olympics to London – those few votes which decided the swing to London’s side was the votes of the offended Finnish delegation. 

Well, Mr Chirac missed opportunity to shut up in Kaliningrad.   It would be interesting what will happen in this mini summit.  Who is going to slip and make a rude comment, which might have some consequences later.  Well, Putin secured the Winter Olympics already.  Still, lets wait and see. It seems that the Hungarian President is the weakest link since he has some experience in that already. Last year his remarks caused riots in Budapest.


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