Kremlin’s influence in the world returned to its former glory, thanks to the West

July 17, 2007 at 1:09 pm Leave a comment

KremlinToday’s Lithuania’s national daily Lietuvos Rytas published a rather interesting editorial regarding Russia’s withdraw from the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE).

The paper admits that the Kremlin’s former influence in the world is not returning but has returned already.  This is all thanks to the Western powers who allowed this to happen.  The withdrawal from the CFE has been planned already a month ago but Putin decided to wait for some events to take place, such as the ‘family get together’ with the Bushes and decision of the Olympic committee on Sochi. 

At the moment Putin is sending the signal to the West, ‘I do what ever I am pleased to do and just look, you can do nothing about it.’  Unfortunately the West is playing such a game.

However the truth is that Russia is still a poor and week despite of its petrol dollars.  Its military is still week and grossly under funded.  Putin plays a clever game of ‘divide and rule’ and is winning this.  Euroatlantic cooperation is getting weaker meantime the Russians are ‘coming to Europe’.  Europe is not ready to defend itself.

I would like to add that the Baltic States were warning the West about the growth of aggressive Russian assertiveness.  We were called paranoiacs and Russophobes, and some naïve western leaders are still calling Mr. Putin ‘the true democrat’.  And well, it is more to come.  The escalation with the UK is the wake up call, today the Polish President and the USA President almost agreed on the missile deployment in Poland.  The ‘Hot Peace’ is kicking off.  Do you believe us now that Russians are coming?


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