Sarkozy has joined Schröder and betrayed the EU

July 13, 2007 at 4:56 pm Leave a comment

French energy company Total is signing a deal with Gazprom. Gazprom and Kremlin have achieved one more victory over the EU and USA on the Europe’s energy security policy. It would be very interesting to find out why the Kremlin abandoned the competition for the Shtokman when it did and why they resumed the tender only now.  I would love to hear what President Putin spoke about with the President Sarkozy during their ‘get together’ during the G8 summit.  Sarkozy walked out of the meeting clearly in a good mood and his speech was not coherent. 

It appears that Kremlin kicked out all of the candidates for the oil field in October of 2006 in order to keep Shtokmen for ‘better times’.  Or rather for the next French president.  It was obvious that Paris’ attitude towards Kremlins managed democracy will inevitably change after the presidential election.  In order to keep a great ‘strategic partner’ in the heart of Europe the U-turn took place and the outsider Total got such a juicy peace.   It is only 25% of the possible profit, another 24% is still for a grab. 

Kremlin is sending the message to the hungry Western Energy tycoons, if you want a piece of this, tell your Governments to be nice to us. The Shtokman should start brining profits by 2013.  I would be not surprised if Mr. Sarkozy was promised by Mr Putin a place on the board of the enterprise.  And why not, if Mr. Schröder got away with Nord Stream in Germany I will get away with becoming the member of the board also, especially in France.    


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